Change is one of those things no one can avoid, and few enjoy.

So, it’s no wonder it’s one of businesses’ biggest challenges. And in a world where ‘business as usual’ is becoming less usual, it’s one that’s not going away.

And that’s why we’re out to strengthen individuals to better navigate change, so organisations become stronger through change.

Because nothing stays the same.

When dealing with change what you’re really dealing with is the human mind. And when it comes to the mind it’s rarely a blank canvas. So that’s where we begin: Understanding the mind of your people by understanding what’s happened in the past, what’s present today and the future from their point of view.

We call it our Change Forensic™ which looks across the three lenses of individual brain fitness, relationship capability and company culture. But what’s important is it enables more effective change programs that address the past, present and future all at once, individual by individual.

And it adds up to an entirely new approach to change. Rather than ‘getting through’ change we help people embrace change. Rather than being seen as disruptive, change becomes the catalyst for becoming stronger as people and stronger as a business.

Science for science’s sake isn’t helpful, just like many traditional organisational change models fail to deliver much practical value.

That’s why we’ve taken a different approach. All our programs are derived from proven brain science and psychological research and are designed for immediate use.

It’s real science, with real applicability, at an individual level. Because in our experience that’s what an organisation is: A group of individual minds working together.

Organisations are often faced with a stark choice: Working with ‘one size fits all’ big name change management consultancies or individual consultants who offer a bespoke service, but in reality are often only a page ahead.

At Learning Quest we inhabit the sweet spot in between. All our programs are built on proven models that are then personalised for individual business requirements. This enables not just certainty of outcome, but better outcomes, and higher acceptance rates by mixing the proven with the right level of customisation for your unique needs.

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to change management. That’s why before we get started we ensure we’re aligned around your existing culture and strategic objectives.

And because we know it’s the experience that really is everything when working with a change partner, we offer our complimentary 90-minute Mind Management Opener™. It introduces the core concepts of mind management we’ve developed over a decade and lets us get to know you and your team.

It’s the heart of our human-focused approach to change and the perfect commitment-free taster with enough content to make it truly valuable.