Control, connection and contribution are key components for coping

April 14, 2020 9:02 pm

In our ‘Coping with Uncertainty’ webinar this week, we talked about letting go of things that were beyond our control and focusing on the things we can impact.  One participant shared how she felt more control and comfort as she was becoming more familiar with her children’s learning due to home schooling.  Finding the valuable bits amid challenge and undesired change is an essential building block of resilience.

We also picked up on a point from last week’s webinar related to maintaining emotional connection even as we physically distance from one another.  Participants shared experiences of getting more comfortable with ‘relating’ through platforms such as Zoom or Facetime.  We noted that even though it is not the same as being with someone in person, it still provides lots of value and helps us meet some of our needs for connection.  This article highlights some of the science that supports the importance of emotional closeness while we are physically apart.

One of our participants offered examples that illustrated the value of high engagement when there are hard decisions to be made or implemented.  Although it can ‘feel’ uncomfortable to engage honestly and openly with each other when things are tough, in the long run, it sets us up for better health and wellbeing as well as more effective business decisions.

Finally, we highlighted the value of helping.  A great example was provided by a participant who helped others get accustomed to technology. I’ve also noticed a great deal of patience and willingness to help others concerning using new technologies in the last few weeks.  This article also touches on the value of altruism for the receiver and the giver.

Our webinar next week (21 April) will focus on Brain Fitness – And – BTW we have changed the name of the series to: STRONGER THROUGH CHANGE.  Hope to see you there.  The webinars are free and open to the public. Register here


photo credit: Andre Hunter on Unsplash

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