Creating Safe Spaces – podcast with Keven Murphy, Nathan Gorman and Sandy Chong

October 28, 2020 5:18 pm

The uncertainty created by C19 has created many opportunities for us to share what we have learned about using disruption as a catalyst for growth. Our weekly free webinars have been going for 33 weeks now and I intend to keep them going – because they are helping a lot of people and they are so much fun to do. You can register here

I also recently had the pleasure of participating in a podcast discussion (Creating Safe Spaces) facilitated by Keven Murphy along with Sandy Chong and Nathan Gorman. Most of my work is with large corporate organisations, so being part of a discussion to help salon owners create safe spaces gave me a chance to learn about an industry I did not know much about.

My key take away is that leading change and helping people deal with uncertainty is the same in any industry.

I was impressed with the initiatives that Sandy and Nathan put in place to cultivate a physically and psychologically safe work environment – Particularly the focus on building trusting relationships, deep listening and honesty. Have a listen to this podcast – I think you will learn something new – I certainly did!

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