Disruption as a Catalyst for Growth

September 15, 2020 12:09 pm

COVID19 has created a profound disruption in ‘normal’ life.  We have individually and collectively spent the last six months reacting and adapting to our new reality.  Some of the changes have been dramatic and others more subtle but potentially life-changing.  We have a minimum of another six months, where we will need to work and live differently.

Some peoples’ environments and conditions of their work and life have shifted to the degree that they will inevitably need to navigate a new path forward – leaving behind the trajectory they thought would guide their future.

While disruptive, this ‘upset’ in our environment is also an opportunity.

A few years ago, I interviewed many people who had experienced a variety of disruptions in their lives but indicated they had grown in response to the challenges.  This qualitative study uncovered several conditions that contributed to people’s perception of having benefited from the challenges life threw at them. The essential conditions included: the value of social connections (both supportive and challenging relationships), a requirement for a sense of predictability/control and the need to provide value and be valued for our contribution.  C19 has prompted me to revisit this research and seek out what other scientists of discovering in this area.

Recent research explores the value of creating a psychologically rich life as opposed to just a happy or meaningful life.  These scientists suggest that a psychologically rich life include times of happiness and meaningfulness but also sadness, frustration and even boredom.  Pursuing psychological richness is about experiencing novel, complex perspective-changing events. This article is an easy read that highlights some of the recent research in the area of living a psychologically rich life.

If you are contemplating what this next 6-months could be for you, I invite you to join our free weekly webinar series where we explore ways to become Stronger Through Change.  Next week marks our 27thweek.  We have previously examined the science related to coping with uncertainly, gaining a sense of control, dealing with discomfort/pain, the science behind inclusion and exclusion and other topics that have arisen amid C19.

To kick off our next six-months, we are going to examine the science that will inform us of how to use the disruption brought about by C19 as a catalyst for personal and societal growth. We will share bite-sized science and facilitate discussions that help participants personalise and make use of science in their lives.

These webinars are free, every Tuesday, 10:00 AEST and last for 30 minutes. Register online.


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