Empathy helps us make necessary changes

October 6, 2020 7:29 pm

COVID19 has and will continue to impact the way we live and work.  Even with low levels of community transmission that we are experiencing in Australia, we still have to get good at social distancing and when not possible, wearing masks.

It is hard and not comfortable because it is new.

Most change is hard, and our first tendency is to resist.  But we need to get people back to work so we have to adapt and make sure we look after our most vulnerable citizens (those whose health makes them vulnerable and those whose absolute need to work makes them vulnerable).

Wearing a mask in the supermarket, on public transport or other crowded places is an act of care and compassion for others.

Some people cannot ‘afford’ to get sick, and we all have to work together to help each other stay healthy and continue to be able to work. And we have to get good at this so we can open our economy and get people who are struggling financially back to work as soon as possible.

So when it feels ‘all too hard’ remember – of course, it is uncomfortable and it feels awkward right now – but we can get good at this. We can make it normal.

Here is a science-based tip to help you adapt

New research shows that invoking our empathy for others is one of the best motivators to help people endure the discomfort of social distancing and wearing a mask when distancing is not possible. Empathy is better than just understanding the science behind the recommendation and of course, it is better than the threat of fines.

When you feel uncomfortable or restricted or awkward – just visualise someone who will not have any sick leave (income) if you accidentally infect them or someone who is older and might get really sick or even die if they are accidentally infected.  This will help you endure the discomfort long enough to get in the habit of doing the right thing by others.

If you would like to learn ways to increase your empathy, regulate your emotion or be more comfortable working and living in an uncertain and constantly changing world – join us for our free (community service) webinars.  Tuesday 10:00 – 10:30 AEST.  Everyone is welcome!  And just, so you know – the only purpose of these webinars is to share science that will help us all adapt and become stronger through change. Register online https://academy.learningquest.com.au/courses/

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