It has been 23 seconds…

July 13, 2021 8:16 pm

Now and then, I get feedback that is not only informative but is also entertaining.  Having added the opportunity to earn badges for completing our online courses in 2019, we expected that participants would appreciate demonstrating their achievement by displaying a digital credential on their social media pages. And we did see an uptick.  But perhaps some people take the badges a bit too seriously. This message below came in over the weekend, and I actually laughed out loud when I read it. Enjoy.

Dear Connie it has now been 23 seconds since I completed your course.

I do not believe that clicking refresh to get my LinkedIn badge every second is unreasonable behaviour.  Surely you must know that immediate feedback and gratification are powerful drivers.

Also, I really loved and appreciated these courses – my summary of learning;

Motivation = Connection/Control/Contribution – this was for me like discovering a General Unified Theory of everything! – All the things I’ve ever done (or had done to me) that worked suddenly arranged themselves in a nice order.

Accountability = make the reward clear/certain, focused, and TIMELY – a recognition/reward scheme that delivers (pays out) every quarter is more likely to achieve its goals than a yearly “bonus” with obscure/undisclosed calculation

Clicking with Colleagues  – differences are scary; if you can be aware of scary, you can get past scary, and reap the rewards of diversity.

It has now been 87 seconds and I feel it’s worth pointing out that I am now in an “uncertain environment” regarding my badge AND my reward seems to be sometime in the future, not NOW! – very much like that poor little fella with the coloring pens and the marshmallow. (by the way, you spycologists are mean to kids and I hope you took that poor little guy out for pizza to make up for the cruelty u inflicted. When he grows up he’ll litigate I swear.)

So thanks once again and if there’s anything else you think might work for me – I’m keen.

It has now been 129 seconds… still no badge…. is the internet broken?

best regards


Photo credit: 13on on Unsplash

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