Learning Quest incorporates digital credentials as part of all development programs

October 17, 2019 11:31 am

Learning Quest has partnered with Credly to include digital credentials as a valuable addition to its development programs, and to enable its clients and course participants to effectively communicate verified learning and achievement outcomes in a secure, portable and shareable way.

Learning Quest’s digital credentials, display achievement related to leadership, team work, and other ‘people skills’ acquired via our workshops, simulations, coaching and immersive learning experiences. We also provide digital credentials to document learning related to complex thinking, self-regulation and other types of ‘Brain Fitness’.

These skills and capabilities are essential for success in a fast-paced work environment and demonstrate learning to prospective employers and peers.

Digital badges can be used in email signatures or digital resumes, professional networks such as LinkedIn or Twitter and other social media sites like Facebook. The digital image contains verifiable metadata that describes skills and accomplishments, and the process required to earn them.

David Kinsella – Founder and Director of Everitas, Credly’s partner in the APAC region, summarised the key benefit of digital credentials for Learning Quest program participants as… “allowing earners to more easily tell their professional story online by sharing their credentials across various social media platforms, with their contacts, employers, and the wider community, enhancing their profile significantly. The future workforce will increasingly trade in digital credentials as the skills currency for the 21st century.“



For more information on Learning Quest programs and digital credentials, please contact – Dr Connie Henson chenson@learningquest.com.auor Grainne Davidson: grainne.davidson@learningquest.com.au

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