What does it take to realise the value of your investment in new ways of working?

April 16, 2018 11:53 am

An interesting article published in slashdot, related to the “State of Agile”.  

Agile methodology represents a big shift in not only the way people work but how they think. Technical training alone is typically not sufficient to make the desired changes.

Working across a range of planned business changes, we find that leaders, technicians and other employees often need assistance to shift their mindset. Likewise, subsequently embedding new behaviours and habits to truly become competent and take advantage of benefits of any new methodology, process or technology requires significant leadership to avoid regression to the ‘old way of working’ as soon as the project implementation is complete.

What you can to do

Building the capacity of leaders to competently and confidently lead the change in ‘the way people work’ is a minimum requirement for successful adoption of any new methodology or technology.

Other interventions may include assistance to discover and align the values in the organisation with whatever is being introduced and proactive management of any perceived losses and threats associated with the changed ‘way of working’.

Otherwise, as this study found, resistance and limited support will result in either slowness to adapt or even the organisation never realising the potential value of their investment.

The study found that only 4% of respondents reported that agile practices are enabling greater adaptability. You can read the slashdot article here

I am keen to hear what types of support you have found that helps when implementing Agile or other new methodologies/technology?




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