Deborah Burt

Key Experience

Senior corporate leadership roles including CEO, Human Resources Director and CIO

Deep expertise in building leadership capacity with senior leaders, team development and change management

More than 20 years experience in coaching, facilitation and development

Key Clients

Parson Brinckerhoff

Fairfax Media

The Executive Connection


Deborah Burt has been a senior executive with global organisations for thirty years. Her primary role has been Human Resources Director for organisations in the Financial Services, IT and Professional Services industries. She has also been the CIO for an insurance company, CEO of a software company and run her own organisation providing outsourced human resources services to SMEs.

For the past three years, Deborah has had a portfolio career focused on executive coaching, facilitation and mediation services.

In the last 12 months, Deborah has taken on a part-time role with The Executive Connection providing professional development services to a group of CEOs. This involves facilitating a monthly meeting (one-day duration) and coaching each CEO once a month. This is an ongoing commitment which Deborah thoroughly enjoys as it provides multiple opportunities to support the growth and success of Australian businesses. The remainder of her time is spent with multiple clients delivering coaching and facilitation assignments.

Deborah’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) from the University of Sydney.

Deborah is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Directors and has held the following board positions

  • Vice President of a Community Education College (Eastern Suburbs)
  • Non-Executive Director for a subsidiary of Zurich Insurance
  • Executive Director of a software company