The key element I liked about the TalentFast course was that it was tailored to me – Bob Fuller. It gave me some profound insights into how I can be perceived in high pressure situations and that through self-awareness in conversations and difficult situations, I am able to achieve better outcomes for myself and others.

Bob Fuller
Head of Sales for Australia and New Zealand
Objective Assessment


What I really loved about the TalentFAST™ leadership coaching was how true-to-life it was – I forgot it was a simulation. It gave me some profound insights into how I react under stress and steps to deal with it better, which I’ve already put to good use in some recent meetings with senior stakeholders where a lot was at stake. I only wish I’d learnt these lessons earlier in my career.

Marion Lawson, TEC Chair and former agribusiness CEO


I had no idea what to expect and the TalentFAST™ experience was a totally new experience for me. Quite simply, it was one of the most useful tools I have done and I learnt more about myself, my style and my ‘opportunities for improvement’ than anything I have done before.

Dr. Alice Killen, Chief Executive Officer
The Skin Hospital


Without Connie Henson’s help we wouldn’t be where we are today on our transformation journey. My leadership team reaches out to her all the time. Having someone a bit removed from our business to talk to and who makes the complicated change and brain issues easy to understand has been invaluable and fantastic.

John Angilley, Director ACM, Fairfax


Connie Henson is one of those people I am happy to refer to anyone from both a leadership development and HR perspective. She is amazing – highly knowledgeable yet very practical and committed to providing a tailored solution to really meet her clients’ needs.

Kristen Miller, Executive Manager HR, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability


Connie Henson did an excellent job in establishing our needs and shortcomings before proposing potential solutions. We’ve invested in many sorts of management, leadership and cultural development over the years. What we were left with from our work with Learning Quest wasn’t a bunch of systems, gimmicks and processes, but learnings about ourselves in our roles and insights into how to run our business more effectively. It boiled down to really practical and tactile advice that everyone could practice, develop and make use of.

Jim Mantle, Managing Director Australia-Pacific, Parsons Brinckerhoff